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For the Love of Black & White


For The Love of Black & White

Presenter: Darren Creighton


Darren Creighton is an award winning published photographer & former instructor. Twenty years ago he picked up his father's 35mm Minolta, made his first print in the darkroom and was hooked! He sees photography as a means of expression. It’s an exploration of your vision and ideas mixed with light, composition, storytelling, technique & sometimes luck. "I love how with camera in hand, you see and appreciate the world in a whole new way". What is it about black & white that still holds such interest for photographers & viewers ? Through his passion for black & white photography he will talk about reasons to shoot black & white and how color is a distraction. The importance of line, texture & simplification. How black & white affects the emotional weight of an image and how it can work as an artistic tool. Shooting & processing techniques are covered along with thought processes of images from start to finish.