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The Northwest Passage


The Northwest Passage: Tracing One Warm Line

Presenter: David Newland


Highlighting the long-running Canadian fascination with the North, this talk views the Arctic through the lens of a traveller from the south - by far the commonest visitor to the Far North. Touching on the history of Arctic exploration, , including the story of Franklin’s lost expedition, the presentation goes on to introduce Inuit ideas of territory, community, and creative culture. Also discussed are Arctic wildlife and ecology, including glaciers, sea ice and the potential effects of climate change in the North. This presentation includes projected images and video. Writer, performer and speaker David Newland was named a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society in 2015, a distinction that reflects a lifelong passion for exploring Canadian landscapes and stories. Over the past 5 summers, David has travelled in the Northwest Passage as an expedition host, Zodiac driver and performer with Adventure Canada. His current musical project is The Northwest Passage in Story and Song, a musical presentation based on his continuing journeys to the High Arctic.