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Journey to Antarctica


Journey to Antarctica
Presenter: David Clow www.lightrenderings.com


As a former marine biologist, and keen wildlife photographer, David was able to live a lifelong dream in 2006, and travel to Antarctica. Over three weeks, he sailed 4000 miles aboard a Russian research vessel, and circumnavigated the Scotia Sea. Stops included the Falklands, South Georgia, and Elephant Island, before reaching the Antarctic continent. While the Antarctic destination was definitely awe inspiring, the 2 week long journey to get there was even more breathtaking. There were unbelievable geographic vistas, with mountains, glaciers, and icebergs. Those images were only surpassed by the incredible marine wildlife, during the southern hemisphere’s season of rearing their young. Colony sizes in some locations exceed 200,000 animals! Through 8-10 AV shows, and a dozen large prints, David will share the thrills of this incredible adventure to the bottom of the world.