Photo Editing SIG Meeting


Photo Editing  SIG

• Providing a relaxed learning experience and environment so participants are comfortable in using Photo Editing Software to improve, inspire and create their most impactful images

• Demonstrate popular photo editing tools available in software like Lightroom (Lr); Photoshop (PS); Photoshop Elements (PSE); and some more recent additions to such software. 

• Since there are so many ways to edit a photograph using these digital systems, the SIG is designed so that all levels of expertise can join in, either learning new approaches, or sharing their own experience. Such shared expertise amongst the group will provide support to participants as they work with the tools. Also, more experienced members will be willing to demonstrate their approaches, workflow and techniques.

• Less experienced members are invited, because although some examples may be above their current ability, they will make more sense as they become more aware of what is available.

• The format of the meeting is to start with a demonstration of a photo editing function, tool or process. For example: examining various ways to start editing an image using non-destructive techniques. Then, a short social/bio break or just to stretch. The second part of the meeting will be somewhat more flexible encouraging members’ feedback, use of the technique with practical examples  or just a “tip” time.

• Based on feedback from participants other topics may be covered such as editing and enhancements specific to landscape or portrait images; organizing photo libraries; use of selections and masks; brushes… the landscape is broad and the list goes on. 

• As with other SIG’s, the plan is to share the leadership, teaching and facilitation to spread the experience and excitement.

• Communication: for direct contact use:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* As announced at the monthly club meeting, there will be a fee for this SIG. A $10 fee will be collected at the first meeting and will cover the September, October, November and January meetings (No meeting in December). In February another $10 will be due that will cover February, March, April, and May

Since the meetings are in the Lucy Turnbull auditorium, you are free to bring your laptops, or computers loaded with your favourite software and some practice images to follow along with.  The only challenge will be finding outlets so if you have extension cords, bring them along too.