Jerry's Adventures with Little Yellow Tent


Jerry’s Adventures with Little Yellow Tent

Presenter: Jerry Soltys


Jerry Soltys, a member since 2002, is known for her passion for adventure, travel, photography and camping in the wilderness. Many will recall her past presentations from the American Southwest. Jerry’s travel style differs in that it was all done by camping, on her own, in her little yellow tent, in the backcountry and hiking to remote areas of the desert wilderness of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Camping in the outback allowed Jerry to photograph scenes not usually available to other photographers, witnessing the desert red rocks under unique weather conditions and light. The presentation this evening will feature such photographs that cover lesser known areas of this amazing corner of the States. Jerry has won many awards in competitions at MCC mainly in Nature category as well as several awards at the GTCCC, mostly in the “Best in Geology” category.