Photographing Birds, Bugs & Butterflies Handheld


February 7

Photographing Birds, Bugs & Butterflies Handheld

Presenter: Thomas Stirr




Thomas Stirr is an author, photographer, videographer, and executive coach living in Grimsby Ontario. His professional work focuses on safety and training videos for industrial clients. He has been a member of the writing team at Photography Life since February 2014 with over 150 articles to his credit. Tom has also had articles published by NikonRumors.com and MirrorLessons.com. Nikon Canada’s Facebook site has featured Tom’s photography work numerous times. His photography blog features hundreds of articles on a wide range of subject matter including an extensive selection of postings on bird photography, birds-in-flight, and insect photography subjects. Tom’s passions include bird, insect and butterfly photography and his presentation will include a wide selection of photographs on this subject matter. He will also discuss camera settings, gear considerations, and handheld shooting techniques when photographing birds and insects. Thomas is the author of a number of photography eBooks which are available on his website.