Not Just a Slide Show ....


March 7

Not Just a Slide Show ........

Presenter: Doug Johnston


Doug Johnston has been interested the arts, especially photography for many years. Once retired, he has been able to pursue this interest more seriously, and has even won several awards for his images. He is particularly interested in the creative opportunities that computer software, apps and smartphones open up. This presentation will not only describe the features of slide show software, but also will illustrate what goes into creating an effective (i.e. non sleep inducing) way of sharing your images as a slide show video, covering various software alternatives; things to consider in developing your slide show video; adding audio and finalizing output. Doug will also show several slide show examples to provide you with a better understanding of the power of slide show videos (and their cousins) as creative tools to entertain your audience, display your work, and receive the accolades you deserve.