Canada & Beyond


April 4

Canada & Beyond

Presenter: Bill Pratt




Bill has lived near Almonte, Ontario since 1984. He took up photography seriously in 1995 after the Québec Referendum when he became fearful of losing this wonderful country. Since that time he has photo- graphed remote corners of Canada to remind us all what a magnificent country we have and why it’s worth keeping it together. For Bill photographing Canada has been a wonderful experience. Through his career as an engineer for Parks Canada and the pursuit of his personal photographic mission he has developed an understand- ing of how this vast country, with its rugged landscape and harsh climate, has shaped us as a people and instilled in us the values and the principles we stand for. Using maps and images Bill will identify some of his favourite places and experiences in photographing Canada; with some reference to Africa, Svalbard and Antarctica. The evening will also feature 3 AV Shows: Canada, Svalbard and Algonquin Wild.