Special Interest Groups


The Mississauga Camera Club supports and encourages Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  Each SIG meets virtually approximately once a month via ZOOM (with the exception of Macro which meets through a private Facebook group).  Please check the Club Calendar for specific dates.

Check each description below for the general date and time of a specific SIG. The cost of each SIG is included in the membership for the entire year. 

SIG sign-up’s are required in the Members Portal to help manage attendance, and we encourage active commitment and consistency in SIG participation. Full details for SIG participation and the process can be found here.

See the On-line Registration System page for details on how to use ORS. 

We thank our leaders for volunteering their time and expertise.


Leader – Marcus Miller

2nd Monday of the month

The Creative SIG meets on the second Monday each month to review the Creative Theme assignment.  At our meetings, we discuss techniques, share tips and inspire each other. 

Image Critique

Leader – Peter Van Rhijn  (www.naturephotos.com)

First Meeting:  Tuesday, September 8, (moved one day for Labour Day; after that 1st Monday of the month).

Digital photography has become a two-step process: the shoot and the image-optimizing edit. 

The image critique SIG helps you understand what you’re doing.

In this SIG, attendees submit their images for viewing. The merits of each image are debated and their flaws and strengths are identified. Suggested edits are usually shown to demonstrate how flaws may be reduced and strengths may be emphasized.

“Stop and look at your work to understand what you’re doing”  (Annie Leibovitz)

Macro Photography

Leader – Larry Jewett

Meeting through Facebook group

MCC Macro SIG members have been learning and offering advice here for a few years. 

Our ongoing success is thanks to the contributions from our 40 listed Club members who have posted or, simply,  just visited to comment on any of the 500 images making up our group portfolio. It’s not a requirement that you have dedicated macro equipment. There are ways to use the equipment that you have.

All are welcome, particularly new members who would like to see the communication between members. 

To have your email name included in the MCC Macro SIG contact:  larryjewett@cogeco.ca

There is no fee for the Macro SIG as there is no meeting room booked due to the group meeting through Facebook.


Leader – Janet Martin

4th Tuesday of the month, 7:00 pm start.
Start date Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The focus of the Locations SIG is travel photography, with emphasis on access, photo-taking condition, and photo problems unique to a particular location. Any location is a valid subject, even or maybe especially Mississauga or Ontario or Canada. The quality of the photography is not a topic. Our group has been meeting for ten+ years so has covered many countries. Even though many of us will not be able to add to our travelling experiences in the short term, all of us have memories to share from past trips.

For the 2020-2021 season, meetings will be virtual, using Zoom. Those registering will be invited to the monthly meeting. Members of the SIG participate by volunteering a travel presentation which will be scheduled by the SIG leader. 

Photo Editing

Leader – Doug Johnston

Photo Editing Special Interest Group

Special Interest Groups (SIGS) provide the opportunity for members who are interested in specific topics to meet (virtually) and share their experiences. 

The Photo Editing SIG focuses on considerations and post processing techniques using various photo editing software and applications.  The objective is to provide members with ideas and tools on how to edit photos and create composites so that they can be presented most effectively.  

Zoom meetings will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month.

Looking forward to another year of exploring how to create even better images than those coming out of the camera!

If you have any questions email me at drj.photoed@gmail.com