Special Interest Groups


The Mississauga Camera Club supports and encourages Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  Each SIG meets virtually approximately once a month via ZOOM (with the exception of Macro which meets through a private Facebook group).  Please check the Club Calendar for specific dates.

Check each description below for the general date and time of a specific SIG. The cost of each SIG is included in the membership for the entire year. 

SIG sign-up’s are required in the Members Portal to help manage attendance, and we encourage active commitment and consistency in SIG participation. Full details for SIG participation and the process can be found here.

See the On-line Registration System page for details on how to use ORS. 

We thank our leaders for volunteering their time and expertise.


Leader – Michael Lemiski

Meetings: Zoom meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 pm.

Our new season begins on Monday Sept. 11. Please register in advance.

Creative SIG Description:
In this SIG, we explore themes and techniques for producing creative images – images that often go beyond what your camera saw.

Members may use a variety of post-processing and/or in-camera approaches for their creative works.

All levels of skill are welcome at this SIG.

At each meeting, a member of the SIG presents techniques and provides links to resources for the Creative Theme assignment for the month. During the month members produce images on the Creative Theme, often sharing images on our Facebook page  MCC Creative SIG https://www.facebook.com/groups/123713044456075/ ,  with other members providing feedback, or asking about technique. At the next meeting we present our images, share tips and inspire each other.

Creative SIG is not the same as Creative Vision Competition Category.  While the Creative Vision Competition Category places an emphasis on altered reality, the Creative SIG members are free to choose whether or not they wish to present altered reality type photos to the SIG.

If you have any questions email me at mlemiski@gmail.com

Image Critique

Leader – Peter Van Rhijn  (www.naturephotos.com)

Start date: The first meeting will be Monday, Oct 2, 2023, after that we meet on the first Monday every month.  The last meeting will be the June meeting in 2024.

We will continue to use Zoom to conduct our meetings.

Members of this group are curious folk. They are keenly interested in learning all about the mysterious reasons why images succeed or fail.

Images submitted by group members are shown and their merits are debated. Questions are answered, mysteries are solved. Suggestions for improvement may be shown.

Guided by this new knowledge members learn to quickly edit and optimize images in a logical way, understanding what they are doing, and why they are doing it.

Macro Photography

Leader – Larry Jewett

Meeting through “MCC Macro Sig” Facebook page.

MCC members have been sharing images and advice here since 2012.

Our popularity is thanks to the contributions from (currently) 62 Club members who have posted their images or made a comment on any of the 800 images making up our group portfolio. It’s not a requirement that you have dedicated macro lenses.  Plenty of help available to get you started.

Join the MCC Macro SIG with a request from your own Facebook page or contact  larryjewett@cogeco.ca

There is no fee for the Macro SIG.


Leader – Janet Martin

We are planning to continue hosting the Locations SIG through Zoom for this coming season. Registered members will be invited to the meetings on the 4th Tuesday of the month, starting in September and running through to May 2024, 7:00 pm.

The focus of the Locations Special Interest Group is travel photography, with emphasis on access, phototaking condition, and photo problems unique to a particular location. Any location is a valid subject, even or maybe especially Mississauga or Ontario or Canada. The quality of the photography is not a topic. Our group has been meeting for many years so although we have had the opportunity to visit many countries, every trip presents unique experiences.

Members of the SIG participate by volunteering a travel presentation which will be scheduled by the SIG leader. From past experience, presentations are best shared using presentation software: examples being Power Point, Key Note or a word processing application.

If you have questions email me at janet_martin@icloud.com.

Dates for this season:
September 26 2023
October 24 2023
November 28, 2023
No meeting in December
January 23 2024
February 27 2024
March 26 2024
April 23 2024
May 28 2024

Photo Editing

Leader – Doug Johnston

Photo Editing Special Interest Group

With the continuing advances in Artificial Intelligence, there are many applications that provide one-click edits to photographs.  But these applications provide only an “average” edit based on the multitude of images built into the algorithm models.

The Photo Editing SIG aims to provide members with the discussion and exploration of tools so they can create an image reflecting their personal artistic expression and interpretation of what the camera captured, and, more importantly, what the photographer envisioned when taking the shot.

The SIG focuses on demonstrating post processing techniques using various photo editing software and applications (including the use of the AI now prevalent in them!).  Our objective is to help members develop their skills in creating their own art and personal style by exploring ideas and the tools available to edit photos.  We also explore ways to produce and enhance unique images.  All this so the precious works of art can be shared most effectively.

Recordings of some of our past meetings are available in the members area of the club web site.

Demonstrations range from using basic tools to the use of more advance techniques.

All are welcome.

Zoom meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month with the link sent out a few days before each meeting to those who have signed up. Our first meeting of the “New” season will be September 18, 2023 at 7.00 p.m.

If you have any questions email me at drj.photoed@gmail.com