Audio-Visual (AV) Shows & Slide Shows

MCC club members are invited to create and submit audio-visual (AV) shows or slide shows, in order to share their work with fellow members. AV shows are in video format and include music and/or video clips and sometimes voice over.  Slide shows are presentations of static images, which may or may not be accompanied by ad hoc vocal commentary.  Please feel free to contact AV & Slide Show Leader Jim Evans at if you have any questions.

Prior to covid, AV shows were shown at regular Thursday evening club meetings following announcements and just prior to the guest speaker’s presentation of the evening.  This practice was suspended once the club began meeting via Zoom, since the quality of video playback on Zoom has been less than desirable.

AV Show Presentations

As an alternative to in-person viewing, those members who have created AV shows are invited to have their presentations accessible for viewing here on the club’s website. This would enable viewing by all members at a time of their choosing. The AV Show Leader will upload your videos to the UNLISTED category in a specially-created MCC YouTube account, and post the weblinks below. UNLISTED is a type of private category whereby only those people who know the link to the video can view it. An UNLISTED video will not appear in any of YouTube’s public spaces or in public search results.

Slide Show Presentations

Slide shows can still be presented during Zoom meetings with no problem.  With creator approval, they can also be posted on the club website directly without a YouTube interface.

(NOTE: When we return to in-person meetings, we will again present AV shows and slide shows during the meeting following announcements.) 

Guidance for Preparing AV Shows (link to new page.)

Guidance for Preparing Slide Shows (link to new page.)

Member Audio Visual Shows

Escape to Georgian Bay by Peter Van Rhijn

Peter created this AV show from a collection of images of the Georgian Bay area, made over a forty-year period.  He moved around mostly by kayak and on cross-country skiis. For those adventurous spirits who ever considered exploring Georgian Bay themselves, this will be an inspiring introduction which will leave you with an impression of the fantastic photogenic scenery of this region.  Peter noted: “There are few locations as perfectly suited for kayak paddling, camping and photography as this area. I have mostly used a Klepper Aerius. It can be paddled as a double, but also comfortably solo.  It has plenty storage space for camping – and photography gear. For those wanting to travel by canoe, which is harder, I would recommend using a canoe equipped with a splash cover, such as Swift Canoes. Weather in Georgian Bay often changes very abruptly. The best time for travel and camping are June and the first two weeks of July.  Enjoy but be careful out there!”

YouTube link

The World Laughs at Flowers by Peter Van Rhijn

“Wildflowers were my main subjects early in my photographic career,“ states Peter.  “I found out the hard way that a sequence of flower images is super somniferous. ‘The World Laughs in Flowers’ was an experiment in mitigating this by showing the flowers mixed with the natural scenery in which they grow. The early results were promising. Fewer nodding heads were observed.  As my portfolio of scenic images grew, this show developed to its present version.”

Enjoy this beautiful and mesmerizing show from Peter!

YouTube link

Moments and Smiles of Para and Paddle All by Dana Benadova

In this video, Dana gives us a front-row seat to the sport of competitive canoe and kayak racing for all ages and skill levels.  She has nicely captured the participants’ straining effort, their thrill of victory, and the fun they share while competing.  The images are inspiring, and may entice you to pick up a paddle and give it a try yourself.  Enjoy viewing Dana’s presentation of a sport that she obviously loves!

Click here to view show.  

Mclean's Auto Wreckers by Creative SIG Members

Eight members of the Creative SIG visited Mclean’s Auto Wreckers on November 10th to photograph the massive site of retired cars, buses, trucks and agro equipment. This is one of the largest depots of its kind in Canada.  The group had a fun day experimenting with smoke grenades, aerial shots and creative designs, while capturing images of vintage cars among the trees that have overgrown portions of the site.  See, for example, a 1954 Austin A40 Somerset, which is still in remarkable condition for its age.  Thanks to Kevin White for organizing the outing.  Enjoy this trip into the past!

Click here to view show.  NOTE: Click on ‘Settings’ button (gear emoji) on bottom right corner of video before playing, then click on ‘Quality’ and finally on ‘1080 HD

After the Hurricane by Sandro Del Re

In this video, Sandro shares with us his startling back and white images of the devastation caused by hurricane Ian, which made landfall near Florida’s Cayo Costa on September 22, 2022.  The images overlay the narration of a poem written by Ishion Hutchison, to create a very impactful AV presentation.

Click here to view show

Omega Park – Winter and Summer by David and Karen Simmonds

The following are two AV shows from David and Karen Simmonds.  They were created from images and video clips made at the Omega Park located in Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, Quebec (just north of Montebello.)  Along a 12 kilometre route lakes, meadows , forests and rocky hills are the home to many wildlife species.

In the winter of 2008 and the summer of 2009, members of MCC were able to get out of their cars to photograph these animals. The images in the presentations were taken by Karen and David.

Today the park has undergone major changes. Lodging is now available in the park itself. In 2008 and 2009 they found cheaper lodging outside the park. It is still worth visiting the park to capture images of a wide variety of animals. However, in 2023 you have to stay inside your car to obtain these images. Lastly, the area gives visitors a chance to experience the French Canadian culture. Enjoy !

Click here to access the Omega Park Winter 2008 presentation.

Click here to access the Omega Park Summer 2009 presentation.

American Southwest Fall 2014 by David and Karen Simmonds

In September 2014, fourteen members of MCC set out to explore the canyons and landscapes of the American Southwest including … The Valley of Fire, Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, the Burr Trail, Goblin National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, Monument Valley, and Page Arizona, followed by visits to the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons, South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Route 66, Oatman Arizona and finally back to Las Vegas for their flight home.

Click here to see the images shown in this AV show produced by David and Karen highlight that the rugged beauty and unique landscapes of this region.  Enjoy !

Yukon and Dawson City by David and Karen Simmonds

In June 2013, David and Karen, along with Peter and Janet Martin and Robbie Robinson flew to Whitehorse, Yukon. There they met Jean and Jeff Weller who had driven their camper from Ontario. Together they ravelled to Dawson City, where the Klondike and Yukon Rivers meet, stopping at various places such as Miles Canyon, Carcross Desert, Kluane National Park, Haines Junction and Keno City to name a few. The rough Dempster highway was a challenge but they made it to Dawson City and also Tombstone Valley.  David & Karen created two (2) AV shows of this amazing trip, one entitled Yukon and the other Dawson City.

Click here to view the Yukon Show … and here to view the Dawson City show

The Palouse by David and Karen Simmonds

In September 2016 David & Karen flew to Spokane, Washington with Robbie Robinson, Bruce Peters and Hilarie MacNeil-Smith to begin an exploration of the Palouse. The Palouse is a spectacular agricultural area in SE Washington near the Idaho border east of the Cascade Mountains.  On this trip they were exposed to an endless variety of landscapes used to grow one of the largest lentil crops in the world. They managed to get to the top of Steptoe Butte plus attend a full day at the rodeo.  All of this is nicely captured in their AV show The Palouse.

Click here to view the Show

Grand Manan Island by David and Karen Simmonds

In this video, David and Karen reminisce about their 2003 visit to Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy, just off the southern-most tip of New Brunswick.  With fellow MCC members, they toured the island and had a fun-filled photography adventure.  You’ll be treated to idyllic images of fishing ports, sea-side villages, century homes and inns, lighthouses and island scenery.  You will also see photos of seals, razorbills and the cute little puffins that inhabit the shoreline.  Enjoy sharing their memories !!

 Click here to view the Show.

2022 Toronto Santa Clause Parade by Dana Benadova

The beloved Toronto Santa Clause Parade returned this November after a 2-year hiatus due to covid.  Dana was there and created this holiday video with the photos she took during the event, including some wonderful closeups of the clowns, marching bands, floats and enthralled viewers lining the parade route.  Sit back and enjoy … and rekindle your memories of past Santa parades !!

Click here to view the Show.

Al Tilson Tribute and Photography by David and Karen Simmonds

Recently, members of the Mississauga Camera Club lost a good friend and passionate photographer to a recent illness. Al Tilson joined our club around the same time that Karen and I joined-1985 or there abouts.  Over the years, Al and his wife, Ann, attended many club outings. Al also entered all of the club competitions in which he won numerous awards. A small sample of Al’s award winners are in the latter half of this video.  Al was very much a kind and thoughtful gentleman.  He will be missed by his many friends both inside and outside the Mississauga Camera Club.

David and Karen

Click here to view the Show.

Cosmos by Michael Lemiski

Michael imagines what floating through space would feel like.  In this video he started with a single oil and water image, and his own ambient music composition.

Click here to view the Show.

Wildlife of the Credit Flats by Michael Lemiski

The Credit River, just upstream from the harbour at Port Credit, is a joy for naturalists, photographers and recreational paddlers. In this video Michael Lemiski shares some of the wildlife photographs he has taken over the last year on the Credit River in Mississauga, Ontario from his pedal kayak.  Most people have no idea that this natural world exists in the heart of south Mississauga, nor that this variety of wildlife can be found there.  The music for the video is composed and performed by Michael, with drone videography provided by Jim Evans.

Click here to view the Show.

Music of the Night by Cecil Lindsay

This Show Off by Cecil features extraordinarily beautiful light-painting images made with model Rosa Wang at dramatic locations around the GTA.   For those who may not be aware, light painting is a photography technique that uses a moving light source (e.g. flashlight, sparkler) to add light to a subject while taking a long-exposure photograph. A scene or object can be brought to life by painting with a beam of light.  The accompaniment of Andrew Lloyd Webbers Phantom of the Opera hit ‘The Music of the Night’ is icing on the cake. Enjoy !!

Click here to view the Show.

Exploring Lakeside Parks by Jim Evans

The images for this video were captured over the past few months, in the many lakeside parks between Toronto and Burlington.   It’s amazing really, the natural world that exists on our urban doorsteps.  Turn one way and you know that you’re in the city … turn the other and you could be a hundred miles away in the country.

Click here to view the Show.

Dueling Banjos by Cecil Lindsay

Cecil playfully accompanies the music, Dueling Banjos, with colourful abstract shapes and images to create a very upbeat and compelling video. Enjoy!

Click here to view the Show.

Life on the Mekong Delta by John & Dairne Boyd

In this informative Show Off, join John and Dairne on their September 2019 river cruise down the Mekong River from Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City.  Experience the sights and sounds of life and commerce along the river delta, that have remined unchanged for generations.

Click here to view the Show.

Black & White Photography by Doug Johnston

In this Show Off video, Doug demonstrates the wide range of subject matter that can be vividly captured with Black & White photography.  Enjoy his stunningly beautiful images that will inspire us to re-visit this art form more often in our own work.

Click here to view the Show.

Old Car City USA by Marcus Miller

In this Show Off Marcus explores Old Car City USA – the worlds largest known classic car junkyard – in the tradition of wabi sabi, a Japanese art form that appreciates the aesthetic of imperfection, transience and impermanence.

Click here to view the Show.

Lusitano Horses of Portugal by Linda Wiesner

Linda says of her Show Off video: “These photos taken in Portugal in April 2017 catapulted me further into a love of equine photography.  I have learned so much from my time in Portugal and can’t wait to be able to return!”

Click here to view the Show.

Quarantine Chronicles : Episode One by Jim Evans

These images were captured in and around Pt Credit during the early days of COVID 19 lockdown.   You will see people out enjoying the spring sunshine and walking-paths, while keeping their distance.  The sky is like we haven’t seen it in many years, with not a contrail in sight … and traffic noise is virtually non-existent.  Almost serene.  The lyrics of the song, by Icelandic group Sigur Rós, relate to a moment in time when finding shelter from the storm.

Click here to view the Show.

Wildlife of Hokkaido by Ingrid Liem

Enjoy Ingrid’s gorgeous images of snow monkeys, red-crowned cranes, whooper swans, white-tailed sea eagles, an ezo red fox, captured in the snowy landscape of Hokkaido Island, Japan

Click here to view the Show.

Bald Eagles of Sonora Island by Linda Wiesner

Click here to view the Show off shown at the January 2, 2020 meeting.

Member Slide Shows

MCC Outing at Rattray Marsh by Doug Johnson MCC Outing – Rattray Marsh With Titles

See link to Slide Show here

GTA Photographic Outings by Karen and David Simmonds

GTA Photographic Outings

We don’t need to travel the world, the world is in our backyard.  This PowerPoint presentation is a great compilation of places within easy reach of our club.  You will recognize fellow members, some no longer with us, enjoying the flora, fauna, heritage buildings and events recorded by DAVID SIMMONDS with a little help from Karen. David and Karen have been members since 1985!  David has provided references through maps and GPS coordinates to 15+ locations.  His images give great examples of the fun you can have while you capture your own memories – close to home.