President   Eros Fiacconi

Vice President

Vice President   Garry Weiler

Board of Directors

Position Name
President   Eros Fiacconi

Vice President  

Director of Program  

Garry Weiler
Director of Competitions   Sandro Del Re
Director of Membership Giovanni Colonna
Director of Finance   Henney Bryant
Recording Secretary Gay Peppin
Director of Communications Jane George

Administration Group

Position Name
Director & Chief Financial Officer Henney Bryant
Meeting Space Reservation Linda Hilliard
Treasurer Linda Wiesner

Communications Group

Position Name
Director Jane George
E-mail Jane George
Facebook Editor Pat Donaldson & Leonie Holmes
SnapShot Editor Janet Martin
Club Historian Audrey Cherevaty
Website Team  Andrew Forber & Kevin White 
Website Calendar  Kevin White

Competition Group

Position Name
Director Sandro Del Re
Digital Competition Chair Cid Negri
O3C Vince Filteau
Print Competition TBA
Competition Administration  Pradipta Datta, Janice Perkins, Tracey Scanlon and Lori Kidd.
Image Review  Steve Balke
Statistics Andrew Forber
Website Support  Andrew Forber & Kevin White 

Member Services Group

Position Name
Director Giovanni Colonna

Membership Registrar

Membership Database Coordinator

Janice Perkins

Craig Stuart

Refreshments Uliana Yaworsky, Audrey Cherevaty
Workshops TBD
Outings Larry Jewett
Special Interest Group Leaders:
Locations Janet Martin
Image Critique Peter Van Rhijn
Creative Michael Liminski
Photo Editing Doug Johnson
Macro Larry Jewett
Guest Registration Barb Stephens
ZOOM account Henney Bryant
Procedurals Linda Hilliard
Club Historian Audrey Cherevaty
Online Registration System Team Janice Perkins, Craig Stuart, Linda Hilliard, Henney Bryant, Linda Wiesner, Mark Fenton

Program Group

Position Name
Director Garry Weiler
Program Development Mike Laezza
AV & Slide Show Leader Jim Evans
Meeting Room Setup Mike Monge
Meeting Room Setup Assistants Andrew Forber, Michael Lemiski
Meeting Room Lighting Lori Metcalfe, Garry Weiler
Annual Awards Manager Judy Stuart