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There are four competitions during the club year for digital images and for prints. Points will accumulate toward Club Awards for each group. In addition, there may be inter- or intra-club competitions. Scores in flower competitions do not count towards regular club awards since they have their own awards. Further information is available in the 2018-19 Digital Competition Handbook and the 2018-19 Print Competition Handbook.

Digital Competitions

Digital Competitions offer members an opportunity to compete at one of three levels (Entrant, Intermediate or Advanced). The level at which each member competes is generally determined by points accumulated in prior club competition. The level of each new member is determined based on a review of the member’s images.

Within each level, there are four categories: Pictorial, Nature, Natural Things and Creative, along with a theme which is available and mandatory in the third competition only. The theme for 2019-20 is ‘Architecture’. Members may submit images in more than one category but are normally limited to a total of three images per competition. There is an exception whereby an image that is found to be mis-categorised in a competition may be resubmitted as a fourth image in the subsequent competition during the competition year.

There is also one flower competition, The Maurice deCunha competition, in which all members compete at the same level. For all these details and more, please see the Digital Competition Handbook. Comments or questions on Digital Competitions can be communicated to the Digital Competition Team Chair, Sandro Del Re, at any meeting or by sending an email to:

Print Competitions

Print competitions are special! Go beyond pixels! Get Real! Print your images. Compete. See your images displayed with everyone else’s at a meeting. Discuss. Learn. Have fun!

In the Traditional Print Competition where the mounted prints can be as large as 16”x20”, you don’t even need to own a printer to compete. Commercially printed images are often submitted. Prints are not framed but they need to be mounted for support on a flat photographic board. Also, since they are judged based upon both print quality and presentation, use of a mat is advisable.

Your expertise level is taken into account: all print competitions (except flower competitions) are divided into two levels (L1 and L2) to allow members to compete with others of similar skills and experience.

As shown in the table below, prints can be submitted for competitions four times over the 2019-2020 season. The categories for prints are slightly different than for Digital Competitions. For the Print Competition the Pictorial Category includes Nature prints. The Print Competition for flower prints is the Jim Cranston Competition. For those of you who want to submit Creative prints, there must be clear signs of manipulation, the more obvious the better. All members may submit two prints for each of Print Competitions #1 through #4 but only one print for the Jim Cranston competition. This year, again, you are not obligated to enter any theme competition. Also, mis-categorised images are treated the same way as mentioned above for Digital Competitions. All prints must be accompanied by a digital file.

For details about all of this, please see the Handbook for Print Competitions. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Print Competition, please contact the Print Competition Chair, Dave Field at one of our meetings or by sending an e-mail to him at:


2019-2020 Competition Due Dates

In competitions other than the flower competitions, members compete in each category at their respective levels (Entrant, Intermediate or Advanced for Digital Competitions; and L1 or L2 for Print Competitions.) All members compete at the same level in the flower competitions.