Annual General Meeting and presentation: High Dynamic Range Photography

Presenter: Bob Warren

The meeting will begin with Club business issues followed by Bob’s presentation. Bob, an MCC member since 2004, is a dedicated amateur photographer who has served the club in various areas of responsibility, including workshops, competitions, co-vice presidency, and recording secretary. He specializes in HDR, or High Dynamic Range photography. Dynamic range, the ratio of the least illuminated area of the scene to the most illuminated, is the difference between how little and how much light can be captured. The dynamic range of the light photographers deal with often exceeds a camera’s ability to capture it fully, so it is often impossible to capture the full lighting range of a scene with a single exposure. HDR photography captures more fully the range of light. It‘s not impossible to take outstanding photos in one exposure, but HDR photography, using multiple exposure levels, is another tool in our kit. Bob’s photography has appeared in various local shows and exhibits as well as club competitions.


17 Oct 2019


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm