Urban Exploration Photography: The Art of Recreational Trespassing

Urban Exploration Photography: The Art of Recreational Trespassing on February 20, 2020

Presenter: Dave of Freaktography.com

Presenter’s website address:   www.freaktography.com

Photographing the typically off-limits and unseen parts of civilization, Dave of Freaktography.com is a modern day explorer choosing to seek out and show the wonders and mysteries of our own backyards. This presentation takes the audience through 80 minutes of photos, videos, stories, humour and intrigue in a presentation that has been called “the best presentation we have ever had” by many clubs he has presented to over the years.  Attendees can expect to be taken into abandoned power plants, mental asylums, prisons and abandoned houses that look as if the prior owners just vanished, leaving all of their belongings behind. The work of Freaktography has been featured worldwide in print, online and broadcast appearing in Warner Bro’s “The Flash” and the major motion picture “Lavender”.  His work and adventures have been featured on Buzzfeed, The Weather Channel, Canadian Geographic, CTV News, Petapixel, HGTV and more.  Globally he has been featured by news outlets from the UK to Italy, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Hong Kong and more.




7:30 pm - 9:30 pm