Regular Meeting – Drone Photography by Ronen Grunberg

Presenter:  Ronen Grunberg

Presentation Date:  April 1, 2021

Presentation Title:  Drone Photography

Ronen Grunberg became curious about photography and videography in Grade 9, when a media course allowed him to explore the art of photography, as well as make short films with a Super 8mm camera.  Ronen’s interest in media arts continued through his 30-plus years as a high school history, English and technology teacher. In 2012, he founded the Aurora Public Library Camera Club so that area photographers could meet monthly to share their knowledge and creativity.  Four years ago, Ronen became interested in drones and how they can be used in aerial photography. Drone photography is now an integral part of Ronen’s creative output. In this entertaining presentation, Ronen will cover  various aspects of drone photography, including an overview of current drone technology, the history of drones, the best drones to use for photography, as well as how to compose images and get quality video with a drone. He will also discuss drone regulations in Canada.



7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Zoom Meeting