Workshop: Home Studio Lighting – Raymond Hsu

Topic – Home Studio and Studio Lighting

Presenter: Raymond Hsu

Date: May 15, 2021

If you’ve gotten to the point in your hobby that you want to set up your own photography studio in your home, you might be asking yourself how you should go about it.

Setting up your own home studio does not happen in an instant; work hard and make sure that you keep your passion to learn and grow in your photography skills. Remember there is a very real learning curve to this and it does take practice to master.

Hopefully this workshop will give you a better understanding of the basic requirement and some ideas to set up your home studio without breaking the bank.

Some of the topics we will covered in this workshop are space, backdrops, stands, lights, props and etc.

About your presenter Raymond Hsu:

I am a photo enthusiast/amateur photographer who’s tinkered with photography for the past 30 years. An interest arising out of a passion and need to capture certain moment in time with a camera.

I joined the MCC around 1998 and really appreciated the opportunities to learn and hone my skill with some of the more experienced members and photographers from the club. My photography interests run the gamut of the spectrum from travel, landscape, wildlife, flora to portraiture. In the years since, I’ve also been glad to be a mentor to newer members and shared what I’d learn by conducting portraiture workshops for members of the MCC.

If you would like to see Raymond’s work please visit:

Time: 9:00 am until noon

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