Show Off Option B – Static Image Format

In addition to AV formatted presentations as outlined in Option A, members may also create and present their Show Off content in slide format, referred to as Option B – Static Image Format.  The use of PowerPoint (PP) for this format is suggested, but alternative software is acceptable.  In this format, a photo image would be pasted into a PP slide, inserting any words or shapes as desired. 

The Show Off creator will utilize the Share Screen feature of Zoom to present their show, using his/her computer and adding verbal commentary during the presentation, as the slides are cycled. Presentations should run between 3 – 6 minutes which suggests no more than 25 slides or images. Creators should rehearse and time the length of their Show Offs presentation to ensure that the time limitation is achievable. 

A brief summary of the slide show including, title and subject matter, should be forwarded to the Show Off Leader via email ( for scheduling.  The completed slide show file may also be submitted by the creator, if desired, either prior to or following the presentation, for inclusion on the Club website for future viewing by members. Since the club does not meet in person at this time, larger files can be sent to via file sharing apps (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, SYNC), or you can arrange to meet in person and – applying social distancing rules – pass the file on a USB flash drive which will be returned later. 

Please let the Show Off Leader know if you require assistance as to how to use the Share Screen feature in Zoom, or you wish to have someone else cycle the slides in Zoom for you while you speak to them.

Member Show Off’s

MCC Outing at Rattray Marsh by Doug Johnson

GTA Photographic Outings by Karen and David Simmonds

GTA Photographic Outings

We don’t need to travel the world, the world is in our backyard.  This PowerPoint presentation is a great compilation of places within easy reach of our club.  You will recognize fellow members, some no longer with us, enjoying the flora, fauna, heritage buildings and events recorded by DAVID SIMMONDS with a little help from Karen. David and Karen have been members since 1985!  David has provided references through maps and GPS coordinates to 15+ locations.  His images give great examples of the fun you can have while you capture your own memories – close to home.